Education Sector

Globally Local are the leading experts in internationalisation in education in Denmark.

Our services include:

  • Globally Local has pioneered the expansion of international school choice in Denmark
  • Our team of experts has led the creation of Denmark´s  first international public school as well as the first bilingual program
  • We are dedicated to working with public and private actors in order to create expanded school choice for both international and Danish families throughout Denmark



“Globally Local helped the school’s teachers, admin and leaders to identify the needs of our repatriate families and multi-cultured children. From that, we have developed specific programs to support our families better.”

– Dom Maher
Skt. Josef’s Roskilde International School

“As the international community in Vejle is growing, it is important for us to be able to offer our international citizens updated and valid information about their life in Denmark; including the various possibilities they have. For the big question about choice of school, we had the pleasure of an event with Thomas Mulhern from Globally Local, who is on top of the various offers and rules in regards to choice of school, both if international families choose the Danish public school system, or one of the international schools – and what that choice means for the future. Much appreciated info and very needed, as we experience that international families stay longer in Denmark and therefore have more contact with the school system.”

– Louise Nielsen
Newcomer Service, Vejle Kommune